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OBT Company Artist Lucas Threefoot and playlist guru Claire Willett appeared on Portland alternative radio station 94.7 fm (KRNK) on April 20, 2011 to join DJ Gustav for his 5 p.m. drive-time “Perfect Playlist” show.  We picked five songs that tied in with the works in Song & Dance (April 21 - May 1, 2011).  Want to hear our show and learn more about the songs we picked?  See below!

#1.  “Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)” – Joan Jett
(Gustav didn’t actually have this one so he just played “I Love Rock & Roll” instead.  But not to worry, you can hear it on our Eyes on You playlist below!)
WHY WE PICKED IT: This wild and quirky (and impossibly catchy) punk tune is actually a cover of one of Cole Porter’s most famous songs; Porter’s music forms the basis for Christopher Stowell’s ballet Eyes On You, inspired by the classic movie musicals of Hollywood’s Golden Age.  Christopher almost included Alanis Morrissette’s version of this song (from the De-Lovely film soundtrack) in the ballet, but the tempo changes made it too difficult to dance to.
FUN FACT: The guy singing with Joan is Greg Graffin of Bad Religion.  And, if you’ve been waiting all your life for a reference to the post-apocalyptic comic book series Tank Girl on the OBT website, here it is: Joan originally recorded this song for the Tank Girl film soundtrack with Paul Westerberg of The Replacements.

#2.  “Kids In America” – The Bloodhound Gang
Choreographer Trey McIntyre used The Bloodhound Gang’s hip-hop song “Shut Up” as the basis for his ballet Speak, a hip-hop/ballet fusion piece that depicts a “street brawl” between two urban kids and uses a wide range of decidedly nontraditional movement techniques.  (You’ll hear this song on our Speak playlist.)
FUN FACT: If this song sounds familiar to you but you thought a woman sang it, you’re right – this is a cover of Kim Wilde’s 1981 New Wave hit (a true 80’s classic).
#3.  “Come Out and Play (Keep ‘Em Separated)” – The Offspring
We opted out of using “Shut Up,” the song you’ll hear during Speak, since it’s not exactly radio-friendly (it’s on the Speak playlist below, uncensored; you’ll hear a fair amount of bleeping when you come see the show).  But we wanted something that echoed the urban skater/street brawl vibe of the actual ballet, and we love this song.
FUN FACT: The dancers in Speak (including Lucas Threefoot, who you’ll hear in this radio clip) perform in street clothes – tracksuits, camo pants, and sneakers.
#4.  “Bittersweet Symphony” – The Verve
Nicolo Fonte’s sultry ballet Left Unsaid uses a lush medley of solo violin pieces as the background for his surrealist, yoga-inspired choreography.  Admit it – nobody before or since has used violins in rock music this definitively or this well.  
FUN FACT: Scandal!  The song uses a hook from the Rolling Stones’ “The Last Time,” but a lawsuit determined that The Verve used more than their license agreement, so technically the Stones get all the royalties to this song.
#5.  “Cotton-Eyed Joe” – Rednex
George Balanchine’s Square Dance doesn’t directly utilize any square dance moves, but it does feature a live square dance caller and draw inspiration from the movement of traditional American partner dancing. “Cotton-Eyed Joe” is an American folk song that has been around for over a century (it actually predates the Civil War) and was hugely popular as a square dance hoedown and a couple-dance polka throughout the 1800’s and early 1900’s.
FUN FACT: The frontman for Swedish techno/bluegrass band Rednex is named Ace Ratclaw.  ACE RATCLAW, you guys.

Lucas Threefoot
Lucas Threefoot
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Claire Willett
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